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Rax Rinnekangas: Zahara & Urga

A touching film by Rax Rinnekangas about a human’s longing to find himself – set in Europe, Russia and Africa in the 20th century.

Zahara & Urga is a story about a silent boy living near the Arctic Circle to whom a special light phenomenon one day gives another person’s voice. He becomes a photographer who spends years travelling through European cultures searching for the light that helped him to speak. He arrives at a steppe (urga) in Central Russia where an Englishman called Andrew Powell once photographed a phenomenon of the same kind 60 years before, during the Stalinist regime of the 1930s.

He begins to trace Powell’s life through recent European and African history, arriving at a house called Zahara in Spanish Africa. Here he discovers that the imagery of the mysterious Powell was similar to his and that Powell had photographed the same places as him. The mystery is: what are these men to each other?

Admission free.

  Wed 31.8.  18:30