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The Little Warranty People

© Ilpo Vainionpää, Tuomo Railo

Glims & Gloms dance company
choreography Simo Heiskanen
music Riku Niemi
stage design Simon Le Roux
lighting Pasi Pehkonen
dancers Simo Heiskanen, Riku Immonen, Kaisa Niemi, Tuomo Railo, Hermanni Rask, Sakari Saikkonen

The Lilliputian warranty people live in fridges, clocks, cars and vacuum cleaners and keep them in tip-top condition while they’re still under guarantee.

The premiere of a dance work based on the deliciously mischievous children’s story by Eduard Uspenski.

The language of the performances is Finnish. The performances continue after the festival.

Glims & Gloms Dance Company >>   
  Wed 31.8.  19:00
  Thu 1.9.  10:00
  Thu 1.9.  18:00
  Fri 2.9.  10:00
  Fri 2.9.  13:00
  Sat 3.9.  15:00
  • 10 €
  • approx. 1 h
  • age 5+